KANT - White Swiss Shepherd

My name is Antonis and as a child I always wanted to have a dog.Never managed to fulfill my childhood dream because I lived most years in a small apartment in Athens.

Always love the shepherds, had as my authority, however, that such a dog may not live in smallapartments is prison for this.Therefore always dreaming when I'll can find a big home to take my first dog.

So this was in 1988 when I was at the age of 22 years.My friend Kostas had acquired five years ago a couple of German shepherd dogs with excellent pedigree.In December 1988 he asked me why i don't have dog when he show how much i love them and I replied that at that time I was in search, especially white shepherd.He told me that whenever made litter had always one or two white puppies and even that particular month waiting birth.

So I acquired my first White Swiss shepherd, Fiona.As the years passed and discovering the nature of these animals, so much falling in love for the particular breed.I got other dogs and I became involved with reproduction little by little.In 1992 I took the decision to deal with the breeding of this race and I import from Russia one male dog, to Eric and after 2 years, 2 females, Gina and Rose.

Station to my involvement with the reproductive process was my decision in 1995 to move permanently to the province and particularly here where I live today.I live in a small village named Platystomo is 30 minutes from Lamia, 2.30 hours from Athens and 4 hours from Thessaloniki.The village located in a fantastic valley and the foothills of Agrafa, Iti and Vardoussia, are known in many parts of the world spas, especially for many diseases.In the area there is a large hotel complex.

So in this region are our facilities in an estate of 3000 square meters.

Our facilities is next to my house so all our dogs are our family members.This helps especially in the socialization of puppies as they grow among other pets or children, friends of our children.We take part in a large research project about the DNA of BBS has to do with the improvement in terms of occurrence in nature and mostly their health.

We are members of the Kennel Club of Greece (KOE), the International Kennel Club (FCI) and the international group BBS (BBI).Facilities Agrafa nagi tanka is the most modern to ensure a healthy living in our dogs.We have maternity room to ensure absolute peace of mothers and later puppies.Each litter individually made after extensive research for prospective parents when they do not come from our kennel in order to ensure the high standards we have set.